The Third Drop

Please join our Discord for more information!

The Third Drop

Please join our Discord for more information!
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Scheduled Timed Drops

1st Drop

Oct 14, 2021
19:00 EST
(New York)

Drops: 300
Price: 30 ADA


2nd Drop

Nov 14, 2021
23:00 EST
(New York)

Drops: 500
Price: 40 ADA


3rd Drop


Drops: 500
Price: 40 ADA

4th Drop


Drops: 600
Price: 40 ADA


As serial entrepreneurs, the founders have been in the scene since 1996 and have had numerous successful projects across tech, apparel and wildlife conservation. In 2005, the Penguin was created for their streetwear projects which was sold in over 10 countries and 3 continents and eventually became #1 selling brand on many platforms including Rakuten. In 2021, Penguin is immortalized in the form of NFT. Being early adopters of ADA and other crypto, Penguin Team envisions an ecosystem on blockchain that creates value and long-term benefits. In the long run, our goal is to bring well-being to all aspects of life starting with environmental issue, and with the help of blockchain, it is not the matter of how, but when – And the time is now.

Policy ID: 9dec676c8acc5f2791ac0c73741f92ae9d4b61c243fd9971b4cbc2a8


Total of only 2,100 Cardano Penguin NFT


NFT Drop

• Presale - 200 NFTs
• 1st drop - 300 NFTs
• 2nd drop - 500 NFTs
• 3rd drop - 500 NFTs
• 4th drop - 600 NFTs
• Total : 2,100 NFTs

Penguin Poster Airdrop

Each month, we will pick 10 Cardano Penguin NFT holders to airdrop a 1 of 1 unique Cardano Penguin poster. The recipient addresses will be announced via website, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Penguin Trademark Right for Merch

Each Penguin NFT owner will be given the trademark right to their own Penguin NFT to produce and sell their own merchandise.

NFT Exchange

A roadmap for the exchange will be announced when all 2,100 penguins are sold. It will be an exchange aimed to provide high transaction volume. Trading your Cardano Penguin NFT on the exchange will be free of transaction fees!

Penguin Hatchery

Get ready to breed some baby penguin with your Penguin NFT! Mint your own baby penguins to flip or drip. Hatchery method will be announced via website, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Penguin NFT Staking

No, we are not done yet. We will provide a way for each Penguin owner to earn passive income by staking their Penguin NFT. Each owner will receive a return of Penguin token at a rate which will be announced via website, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.


What is Cardano Penguin?

A collection of NFTs with The Penguin as the main theme. There is only a total of 2,100 unique NFT to pay homage to the legend who started it all.

How are The Penguin created?

Each Penguin is thoughtfully designed with distinguished features such as body, buddies, theme and a variety of backdrop.

How will the Penguin NFT be released?

Each release will be pre-announced on The Cardano Penguin Website, The Cardano Penguin Discord and The Cardano Penguin Twitter.

What is the benefit of owning a Cardano Penguin NFT?

There are only 2,100 Penguin NFT. Hence, the scarcity will eventual reflect in the value of each NFT.

What is the future of Cardano Penguin NFT?

A hatchery ecosystem based on algorithm that generates baby penguin, a Cardano Penguin game are also in development. They will be announced once all 2,100 Cardano Penguin NFTs are released to public.



Nami Wallet

Download Nami Wallet and create an account here. You will be given a 24 passphrase as private keys. Please write them down on a piece of paper. Do not take photo or screenshots.



Deposit ADA

Make sure to send ADA from any exchange or wallets to your Nami Wallet before any purchase.




Go to our MINT page during the timed drops to buy Cardano Penguin NFTs. Join our DISCORD for the latest information on the timed drops.